I have not joined a gym yet in order to continue my swimming and thus I’m still depending on a weights regiment with light cardio for my progress towards my goals. Overall I’ve made steady progress but I’m not on track to meet my end of the year goals.

Similar to last month, I met some of my goals but not others. I did quite a bit more pushups and situps this month that probably led to the measurement increase in my chest and neck (at least I think so, don’t know what else it could have been). I set last month’s goals in order to be on track to meet the end of year goals. With that said, although I lost 0.5in in my waist, it was no where near the 1.5 I had hoped to have lost. In the same manner, although I’ve been doing weights, I have not been able to grow the size of my arms; perhaps next month my efforts will begin to take shape in that department. My pushups as well as some contribution from my weight routines have led to a 0.5in increase in my chest which I’m overall glad about. Ironically, either I’m losing quite a bit of muscle, or my thigh keeps hiding fat because every month when I think it can’t get any smaller, it does.

Overall, even though I didn’t meet all my goals for the month, I’m satisfied that I’m still on the right track. The statistics keep improving in a manner that will lead to a more fit lifestyle. At this point I must say that there’s only a small chance that I’ll still meet my end of the year goals but I will be very close to them.


PREVIOUS 32.0 11.0 12.75 36.75 35.5 14 19.25 125.8 9.8%
GOAL 30.5 11.75 13.0 37.25 35.0 14.0 20.0 125.0 <=9%
ACTUAL 31.75 11.0 12.75 37.5 35.0 14.25 18.75 125.0 9.2%

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Notes to Consider

  • I should remember that even if I don’t meet my goals, I should not be discouraged given that I’ve still made progress and moving in the right direction at a time that it’s so easy to go the opposite way.
  • My weight seems to be dropping consistently. If it continues at this same rate, I’ll fall below my end of the year expectation. At this point it’s more about gaining muscle weight to offset the decrease in fat. During my senior year in high school I weighed 118 and that was after a couple of track/cross-country seasons.

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