After not meeting July’s goals, I became more disciplined in keeping with my swimming. There were times that I just felt tired after working and my mind briefly tried to talk myself out of swimming for that day; coming up with the reasoning of, “Well I’d just not do it today and make up for it tomorrow.” In July I would succumb to it but this time I would lash back and say, “No, I’m going no matter how tired I am.” I realized that as soon as I got out at the pool, somehow from somewhere my body would find the energy. Any moment that I felt weakness coming upon me with the thought of giving up, I would dig deep and find whatever last bit of energy I had left and kick back. This was really what helped me stay on track this month.

With my routine of eating healthy and swimming three times a week, I’m glad to say that I’m back on track to meet my end of the year goal. It’s still not going to be easy, but by meeting most of August’s goals, I’m one step closer.

PREVIOUS 33.25 11 13 38.25 35.75 14.5 20 129.6 11%
GOAL 32.5 11.5 13.5 38.25 35.5 14 20.5 128.0 <10.5%
ACTUAL 32.25 11 12.75 38.0 35.25 14 20 127.6 10.3%

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Notes to Consider

  • While I originally thought that there was very little fat in my calves and chest, it seems that there was some; who knew. So my initial thought that I would be adding inches while swimming was a bit unrealistic. Even though I didn’t meet my goal of an increase, I’m overall satisfied that there was a decrease and consider it a step forward.
  • If I’m to reach 27in on my abdomen by year end, I’ll have to be losing about 1.25in per month. It’s a bit aggressive but I think it’s doable with this month’s 1in loss on just swimming 3x a week for about 30-45min.
  • As the cooler weather comes around, I’ll stop swimming but will begin my exercises with the weights and resistance cords. The different type of exercising will help me develop the arms and chest; at least that’s the plan. I’ll still be swimming for about half of September.

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