This past month I’ve been pondering my decision to leave Scottrade. I opened up an account with TradeKing (If you register for TradeKing through this link, we both get $50) mostly based on positive reviews about their customer service and their good pricing on trades and options. Now that my balances are higher, I’ve slowly been increasing my trading activity. I haven’t dived into option trading just yet but with regular trades at $5, I’ll be saving about 28.5% in transaction fees… not much if it’s only like two to three trades per month but my volume is heading towards the 10-20 trades range.

My Initial Reactions to TradeKing

Registering and signing up was easy as well as transferring funds via ACH. In fact, you don’t have to open a bank account with TradeKing to do ACH transfers (unlike Scottrade). So far, I spend most of my time in TradeKing Live. As I get a bit more free time, I’ll imagine that I’ll qualify for TradeKing Quotestream in the next couple of months or so. But for now, I have mixed feelings about TradeKing Live. TradeKing Live is an ajax based web application and although it seems to be live streamed data, I do get a slight feeling of sluggish responsiveness. Perhaps I’ve just really gotten used to Scottrader Streaming Quotes.

What Sways Me – Scottrader Streaming Quotes

I’ve really enjoyed using Scottrader Streaming Quotes. It’s a Java based application and it can be customized to a great degree plus it feels very responsive compared to TradeKing Live. I like the fact that I can pretty much do everything in Scottrader Streaming Quotes, including push updates on the latest headlines and being able to view tick-by-tick orders; something you can’t do in TradeKing Live (or at least I haven’t figured out how). TradeKing Quotestream may change this for me, but I won’t be able to take it for a test drive until I qualify for it with a minimum of 10 monthly trades.

So far, my disappointment with TradeKing Live in comparison to Scottrader Streaming Quotes is what’s swaying me to keep my account open at Scottrade for now. However, I’m still going to stick with TradeKing as well for their lower transaction fees. If I had all my trading funds and securities with Scottrade, I would qualify for ScottradeELITE and take that platform for a test drive but for now funds are split between TradeKing and Scottrade.


I’m currently staying with both, Scottrade and TradeKing. I’m envisioning using Scottrade for my long-term investments (although their lack of DRIP is still a big negative) and using TradeKing for my short-term stock/option trading.

On a side note and in full fairness, Scottrade did email me with a correction and notified me that I will be keeping my ACH withdrawals. I do not have to open a Scottrade Bank account to simply do ACH withdrawals… so that’s a big plus that has helped me sway my position as well.

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