You know me, I’m always keeping an eye out to make best use of my finances. Today I received an email from ING Direct about their Black Friday Special… $125 for opening a checking account. I’ve had my savings accounts with ING Direct since I was a teenager. Today’s interest rates have barely any return, but ING Direct is still leaps higher than the big mortar banks. Additionally, I love their web interface. It’s fairly easy to add additional savings account. I set up a sub-account for each one of my goals.

So how do you get an extra $125? Easy (no huge deposit required)… just make 10 purchases with the debit card they send you. From the looks of it, there’s no minimum purchase per transaction so I’m planning on buying some small lunches to meet my minimum. If you don’t have a checking account yet with ING Direct, open one up by Sunday, Nov 25 and be on your way on earning an extra $125. Also if you use my referral link below, you gain an additional $25 if opening a savings account as well. So overall, you walk away with a $150 bonus.

Click here to Open an ING Direct Account and Score Your Bonus

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