I’m a big Subway Fanatic and eat Subway for lunch most of the time. I tend to stick with the daily deals but for December, I’ll be enticing myself randomly with Subway’s $2 Customer Appreciation Deals.

For the entire month of December, get any of the following 6-inch subs for only $2:

  • Cold Cut Combo

    The cold cut combo has turkey-based ham, salami, and bologna. The standard sub is below 400 calories.

  • Meatball Marinara
    This sandwich doesn’t have much variety but if you’re into pizzas, this might fit your tastebuds.

Side-by-Side Nutritional Info

Cold Cut Combo Meatball Marinara
Total Calories 370 480
Cal from Fat 120 160
Total Fat 13g 18g
Cholesterol 50mg 30mg
Sodium 1140mg 950mg
Carbs 46G 59G
Protein 18G 21G

Compare the nutritional info on Subway’s Website:

Cold Cut Combo | Meatball Marinara 

Both sandwiches have their pros and cons nutritionally, but if anything I would lean slightly towards the cold cut combo if you’re watching your nutrition.