Being a fellow professional in the marketing and advertising field, I know that at times those pesky little typos can sneak through and ruin a campaign. But there are times when I have to ask myself, “Seriously?”

Facebook FailA couple of things that irk me about this Facebook Wall post:

  • For the intended target market, the over-zealous use of exclamation points and random capitalization may be appropriate but it’s very iffy. Any public relations expert will scream at the sight of so many grammatical blunders.
  • Is it cute and catchy? Yes, it does overall seem very personable which is great for social marketing. It stood out and would have received a slightly more than neutral reaction from me had it not been for the complete disregard to basic grammar. This does not come across as a clever well-placed intended type to draw interest; instead it comes across as being sloppy in not even glancing over what you’re about to publish to hundreds of people.