My recent iPhone 4 blogs might make it seem that I regret my purchase but in all honesty I love the iPhone 4. So to introduce a bit more balance, here are my Top 6 Pros of the iPhone 4…

1) Beautiful Screen

The iPhone 4 has one of the most beautiful screens I’ve seen on a phone. It feels nice to the touch and the resolution is outstanding. You can really tell the difference.

2) Super long lasting battery

This was almost my number one top favorite. This battery lasts much longer than previous iPhones. With moderate-heavy use I can make it through a whole day including the next morning / half-day. With little use, I can probably make it two days without having to plug it in.

3) Compact and Portable

I strongly believe that a phone should be portable and convenient to carry. So sure it’s not a 4.3″ screen (ie. HTC Evo or DroidX) but it does fit nicely into my pocket without it sticking out like a sore thumb.

4) Excellent photo / video camera

Love the quality of the camera and makes it convenient for impromptu photos or video clips.

5) In-phone HD video editing and publishing

This is one of the most outstanding capabilities I’ve seen. I remember just 4-5 years ago when my main system was struggling to edit HD video… now the iPhone 4 can do it all on the phone (iMovie App required)

6) Bright LED camera light

Recently I got the change to try out the LED light on the phone and I was surprised to see how bright it really was… definitely a big pro for the iPhone 4.

I’ll still be taking the iPhone back to the Apple store for an exchange since a friend of mine has an iPhone 4 that’s not experiencing the proximity sensor problems that I am. I’m exchanging… not returning it 🙂

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