I recently moved and so my quest to find affordable dry cleaners near my area began. I’m surprised how expensive dry cleaning can get. I remember spending close to a $100 once for dry cleaning 8 suits. No more, I went to search for some affordable dry cleaners here in San Antonio and this is what I found…

I have no idea why Dry Cleaners are so secretive about their pricing (no one lists their prices online). So I called and as of September 21, 2010 these were the prices:

San Antonio Dry Cleaners Prices

Texas A1 Dutch Boy Pilgrims Clothesline Park Avenue Cleaners
Suits $10.99 $12.49 $10.76 $12.00 $2.43
Bed Spread (Queen) $29.99-$39.99 $35.00-$45.00 $27.00 $17.30
Blazers $7.00 $6.99 $7.00 $2.43
Pants $3.99 $5.49 $6.00 $5.05 $2.43

The person who picked up at Clothesline seemed really busy and was only able to give me a couple of prices before she asked if I could please hold because there was a customer and someone else calling… right before she hung up on me.

I decided to take my suits to Park Avenue Cleaners (they charge a flat fee for any garment) and $35 later, I’ve overall happy with the value of the service. I have no idea why dry cleaning is so expensive in San Antonio. I hear that dry cleaning is more reasonable in other parts of the country.

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