So several weeks ago I was walking in Home Depot and came across the new Cree LED light bulbs and their incredible pricing… about $10 a bulb. I had been thinking about going LED for my home but the cost was still a bit prohibitive. All the other bulbs were running at least $20 each and with about 40 A19 bulbs (the regular ones) and 10 R30 (recessed lighting), it was going to be a major investment. When Cree partnered up with Home Depot to offer affordable LED bulbs in the 40W, 65W range and either warm 2700k or 5000k day light, I thought I found the ones. But then… 

Here came Amazon and their push of a company called SunSun Lighting, blowing the Cree/Home Depot pricing out of the water. This is what I ended up replacing my home lightning with:

SunSun Lightning A19 6.5W Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

SunSun A19 LED Light BulbI honestly don’t like 2700k lighting. I feel that it’s too warm for my liking. But I didn’t like the Cree 5000k daylight for the common areas of the house either. I was really searching for something 3000k. Home Depot has EcoSmart which carries an affordable 40W (equivalent) LED bulb at 3000k for $10 and if I hadn’t found this gem on Amazon, I would have gone for those.

What I ended up with were the SunSun Lighting A19 LED Light Bulb at 3000k lightning. Believe it or not, it’s on sale on Amazon for a mere $5.99 a bulb and get this, it qualifies for Amazon Prime so free two day shipping. Literally, this is probably the deal of the century.

I stocked up on 10 before it showed out of stock. Just recently, it came back in stock so I ordered the 30 others. As for the bulbs in the bathrooms, for those I did go with the 5000k daylights which are at the same price, $5.99 a bulb and qualify for Amazon Prime as well. I love the coolness of the light in the bathrooms.

The Downside to these Bulbs

To be honest, there is a slight delay from turning on the switch to when the bulbs light up. It’s probably half a second, but still noticeable compared to my previous lighting. I didn’t notice this kind of delay in the EcoSmart LED bulbs from Home Depot. But for almost half the price, and the fact that their also dimmable, made this a sure buy in my book.

With incandescent light bulbs being phased out, LED is finally getting affordable enough to replace all existing lighting. With the energy savings in my home, I’m estimating by break-even point will be in about two years. Even without the savings, the 3000k lighting is just so much better than 2700k.

Buy the SunSun Lightning LED Light Bulb for a low $5.99

* If getting bulbs for the main areas of the house, I recommend 3000k lighting. I personally only liked the 5000k lighting in the bathrooms and closets.

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