Roku recently announced a new addition to their line of media streaming devices designated as “Roku 3”. I became a Roku fan when back in the day they were one of the few devices on the market to have Amazon Instant Video streaming. Most of their competitors (PS3, Apple, SmartTV’s, BD players, etc) were only carrying the big names like Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu.

The introduction of the Roku 3 brings along a couple of new things for Roku fans:

What’s Different in the Roku 3

Roku 3Although Roku 3 sports a new interface that’s a great improvement from what we’re all used to, that new interface isn’t exclusive to Roku 3. The other Roku’s (Roku LT, HD, XD) will be receiving the software update by May 2013.

But what you are getting is much improved hardware. The Roku 3 features a much faster processor which should speed up the interface quite a bit. You know how when switching from channel to channel there tends to be a slight lag in the current interface? A faster processor is sure to improve on the response time.

The Roku 3 also features a new remote control that has a headphone jack. Now you can be in the comfort of your bed hearing your television as loud as you like via headphones without bugging your girlfriend or wife.

The new Roku 3 also features some new connectivity options including an ethernet port and dual-band wireless. More importantly though, it has a USB port so you can plug in other media such as all those videos you might have on a USB drive.

Should I Upgrade?

If you already have a Roku 2 XD, you probably won’t notice a huge difference by upgrading. The new interface will roll out to Roku 2 devices within a couple of months. However, if you own one of Roku’s other devices, don’t have a Roku at all, or looking into adding one to one of your other TV’s, then yes, you should upgrade. I for one will be holding off till I get a new TV and move my current one to the bedroom.

The Roku 3 can be fetched for a low $99 on, ironically the same price as Apple TV.

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