Most of the time, I don’t sit through commercials on YouTube because my intent is to watch the video I had clicked on and I see the advertisement as an obstacle that I must skip to reach my video as quickly as possible.

However, this is probably one of the first commercials on YouTube that I actually decided to watch and not skip just because of how engaging it was. As I kept watching the video, I stayed engaged to the message. I actually made a conscious decision to break away from the instant gratification of watching a YouTube video and clicked on the ad to learn more about it.

First of all, I find the product very innovative  But in addition, I think the advertising campaign is top notch and I give great props to those behind it. The ad campaign is very engaging and does what it’s suppose to do.  The videos have just the right balance of shock and awe with enough humor and common-sense to keep you watching. Orapup’s social media campaign is aces in my book.

What makes these videos work

The most important aspect of Orapup’s campaign is that their focus is context, not hard selling. Except for one of their videos in which they focus more on the product, although still done very well, the rest of their videos follow a general “viral-like” pattern. The ads have a catchy theme that draws interest and just puts a smile on your face. The advertising of Orapup becomes an indirect item.

It’s almost as if Orapup is not trying to sell you a product. They’re trying to get you to like the brand. If you go ahead and buy their product, then that’s just a plus. This in effect is what makes their social media campaign a success.

Check out some of their videos