I received an email today from FedEx featuring a “special”…

$7.99 for a Square Credit Card Reader, discounted from their regular price of $9.99.

Hmmm, let me think about this… why not just get it for free from Square.com?

Square distributing via retail locations is nothing new. They began this strategy late last year in 2011 but my question is more that of Fedex advertising the availability of Square at their storefronts for a price via email. Being an avid internet person, I find it almost distasteful and disrespectful that FedEx would try to influence me to purchase a Square credit card reader when I could easily obtain one at an incredible price of $0. Even if I could get over the fact that they’re trying to sell me something that is essentially free, even $7.99 is a bit steep for it and I can only imagine that this item is carrying a very large profit margin for them.

It’s all about intended demographics. You do not try and sell ice in Alaska nor sand in the Middle-East; you’ll only end up getting “that” look.