2013 UPDATE: Since this post has been receiving quite a bit of traffic lately… I’m happy to say that Subway is doing their Februany special again this year (2013) where most footlongs are only $5.

To all those fascinated with Subway sandwiches, which I’ve found to be an affordable single-household meal alternative, there’s a new special to take note of. This Subway special is only available for the month of February.

For the entire month of February, get any footlong sandwich at Subway for only $5. Usually their $5 specials are limited to specific sandwiches, but not for February.Get $5 footlongs on popular Subway sandwiches such as:

  • Steak & Cheese
  • Italian BMT
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Subs
  • and many more…

Subway is a great meal alternative for single-households. When you buy a footlong, eat half for lunch and save the other half for dinner. Your per meal expense will only be $2.50. Excluding breakfast, this puts your monthly dining/food expense at just $145 for the entire month of February.

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